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By using our unique value investing market letters you are able to successfully generate profits the same way Warren Buffett does

Warren Buffett is one of the most famous and successful investors in the world. But which strategy does he continuously pursue in order to keep growing his wealth and capital in a reasonably short time frame?

The answer is called “value investing”.

Warren Buffett buys shares of companies that according to his value investing analysis are indicated as trading at an undervalued price in the market place. Given their fundamental values, these investments are expected to yield significantly higher returns in the foreseeable future.

We make the “Warren Buffett strategy” accessible to everyone

PURE Rating has developed a unique system which evaluates the 5 most important fundamental ratios and values of all listed companies over five and ten year time horizons and then publishes these results in an easy to read investment letter. With the help of these market letters and our apps, you are in a position to easily identify undervalued shares and then make your profitable purchase decisions.

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