Add stocks of your own choice to our system

You may add companies/ stocks of your choice to our system as much as you want. The analyses of these companies will then be presented in the following market letter, in pdf or in our app:

PURE Index Customers created entity index

To add a company you only need to insert the ISIN of the company, its name and the so called Reuters Symbol ‘RIC’. You will find the RIC on the Reuters Webpage, by searching the company’s name:

Reuters webpage search

The Reuters RIC has a unique format, e.g. PSHG_p.DE:

Reuters RIC

Finally you have to insert the currency of the country the company is situated, e.g. EUR or USD, etc.
It might be possible that for a company of your choice not enough fundamental data can be found.

The analyses of the inserted companies will be available to you the very next day.