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Taylor Wiliams
Taylor Wiliams

Best stocks to buy

I have been a recent subscriber to your service and wanted to send you a quick note on how satisfied I am. The site is easy to navigate and the introduction to your methodology clear and precise. The newsletter has guided me towards the best stocks to buy for my portfolio. Given how much time I would need to do all of that work myself (actually not really possible for me, given the thousands of stocks I would have to screen) I find the service extremely valuable. On Dec 28, 12 your newsletter identified WDC as a top pick to buy – I bought on the open the next morning at $41.43. The stock already rallied as high as $44.20 the next day (+6.7% in 2 days) – my target is $79.43 according to your calculations. I also thank you for being so responsive and for coming back right away when I send you questions via email. I am looking forward to investing along with you, kind regards from Centerville, OH

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