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Roboin Holze

Already in early years with great interest I participated in local stock market games at school. At that time, you got the “current” prices from the morning newspaper! My purchase decision-making was based on whether I knew the company and its products or not and if I trusted in their products. To get more information or even financial ratios was very difficult. At the age of 18, I bought the first stock. A few years later I had my first “online portfolio” and traded stocks from the “Neue Markt” successfully, but then saw how such a market could collapse in his mega-bubble, because small startup companies were suddenly worth more quickly, as a General Electric in the United States. That showed me that a healthy enterprise should also have a history of successful corporate data, otherwise you buy only the imagination or the “pig in a poke.”

I read a lot financial literature until I came across the subject of value investing, which inspired me very much, especially because it’s a really substantiated analysis, and thus I really know where I’m investing my money in. Neither financial magazines nor information from the internet was able to present me this fundamental analysis technique. So I decided to develop a computerized method of analysis, exactly based on the theories of Graham and Buffett targeted to present all in a market letter at a glance.

That has not happened before – thousands of business analyzes based on the method of value investing in a few market letters!

End of 2010, I founded the PURE Rating GmbH.


Soeren Nell

Sören Nell, Referent Seminare – Financial Advisor

Twelve years ago I started my training in a bank, and fell in love with the securities business. Over the years I found out, however, that in financial advising many more issues must be considered.

So, for over two years by in-service training at a bank academy I was trained to become a Financial Consultant very successfully. During this training, I was educated by Mr. Markus Reinwand, equity market strategist at Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen (Helaba), in the field of equity research.

By the end October 2012 I advised the absolute top customers in a private banking department of a bank. At the same time I was employed at the Sparkassen-Academy in Erfurt to train students in tax as a lecturer. Since November 2012 I am the CEO of Seidenstücker & Nell GmbH.


Christian Kämmerer

Christian Kämmerer, CFTe, Chartanalyst

For many years Christian Kämmerer has been busy with technical analysis. He is well-known for his expertise provided over many years for and

In 2008 Kämmerer founded the web service Since then Kämmerer has become a specialist in analizing charts of the forex trading market. Additionally, Kämmerer offers seminars and tutorials with a focus on technical analysis.

Due to his extensive expertise Christian Kämmerer provides reliable chart analysis for PURE Rating.


David Unzicker

David Unzicker, Head of Online Marketing

David Unzicker is one of the top Internet entrepreneurs in Germany. Already when he was 18 years old, he started his own company. Among other things, he worked as a “team leader online marketing” for one of the biggest German agent pools.

Up to this day, David Unzicker founded several Internet companies and holds various stakes. He develops his own marketing strategies and gives seminars and workshops.

For PURE Rating, David Unzicker coordinates the field of online marketing and supports various advertising partners.