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All in One – a unique combination of the crucial profit factors in financial markets: value investing and chart analysis.

As a partner of PURE Rating the company of Christian Kämmerer | TA4YOU has been busy for many years with chart analysis. Charts are analized to derive a clear message about the performance in the future.

Investors know: The precise timing of going in the market provides the profit. Value investing helps to chose the right moment and the right time.

Charts thereby represent as true seismographs the sentiment of the market. They reflect euphoria, greed, panic, and anger. We show you the ideal moment for investing.

TA4YOU and PURE Rating – a unique combination which brings you to many valuable advantages while investing.

Please reckon: Chose the PURE Index Ratio 5Y or 10Y to order your charts by TA4YOU.

Christian Kämmerer, CFTe. | TA4YOU

For many years Christian Kämmerer has been busy with technical analysis. He is well-known for his expertise provided over many years for and

In 2008 Kämmerer founded the web service Since then Kämmerer has become a specialist in analizing charts of the forex trading market. Additionally, Kämmerer offers seminars and tutorials with a focus on technical analysis.

Due to his extensive expertise Christian Kämmerer provides reliable chart analysis for PURE Rating.