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The PURE Rating Chart Analysis is a perfect complement to the PURE Index.

The products cover two large areas of financial analysis, fundamental analysis on the one hand, as depicted here by the PURE Index, which reflects the principles of value investing, and chart analysis as demonstrated here by the PURE Rating Chart Analysis.

Whereas the PURE Index deals with classic key economic indicators of companies and follows the principles of value investing to determine the “core value” of a business, chart analysis concentrates on the price movements of securities and attempts to draw conclusions regarding future performance based on historical patterns and price trends.

Numerous techniques, trends, averages, trend followers, etc., exist for predicting future stock prices. The objective, however, is to identify likely purchasing and selling signals of individual values, to monitor daily investor behavior and to point out significant changes in trends.

Different indicators and oscillators may be used in addition to various chart types, e.g. bars, lines, candlestick charts, etc., for determining forecasts.

Another important argument for the inclusion of charting methods in financial analysis is their widespread distribution and general popularity in the financial world. A large volume of capital is being moved every day based on the belief in chart analysis which also leads to the “self-fulfilling prophecy” phenomenon taught to us through the field of psychology.

Our chart analyses are offered in Gold or Platinum Packages and can be selected by subscribing to the PURE Index Ratio 5y and / or the PURE Index Ratio 10y.

In the PURE Index Ratio companies are displayed which have the best ratio between the current share price trading on the market and the margin of safety price thereby giving you the best potential for return since the absolute value between the share price and the MOS price (margin of safety price) is the highest for the companies being analyzed. Consequently, these company gems are traded on the market as most “favorable” in terms of their “core value (intrinsic value)”.

Therefore it only makes sense to offer you a chart analysis for exactly this type of company.

Chart analyses are only prepared for those companies whose current share price is either lower than the MOS price 10y or lower than the MOS price 5y.

The chart analyses for PURE Rating are prepared by a professional technical analyst, Christian Kämmerer.

Learn more about the unique combination of the crucial profit factors in financial markets: value investing + chart analysis.

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