PURE Rating Excel Portfolio Worksheet

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For our customers we offer a special Excel-spreadsheet for free, which helps you to reproduce your portfolio and with help of our unique API interface you are able to receive the stock and all MOS prices delivered by PURE Rating for each of your depicted stocks. So you can keep control of your portfolio and you can see at a glance whenever the stock price reaches the MOS or sticker price!

You will receive an automated warning e-mail for a consecutive number of 3 days once the actual stock price of one of your stocks in your Excel-portfolio exceeds either its Sticker Price (2 x MOS Price) for 5 years and/ or 10 years. So you can react immediately, either placing a stop-loss, limit or a sellig order.

Using the Pushover App we will also push these warnings on your devices either iOS and Apple Watch or Android and on your desktop computer via Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Mac OS X! Your choice.

Further more you are able to plan and set up an own portfolio, where each stock position will be planned according to its actual ratio (PURE Ratio) between its actual stock price and its MOS price. The higher this ratio is the greater the calculated position size!

If you cancel your subscription, however we will still notify you later accordingly.